AUM Crematorium

The Lea, Western Avenue, Denham, Uxbridge, UB9 4NA, UK

The Anoopam Mission is building a specialist Hindu crematorium, on the grounds of our existing Swaminarayan Temple which is our UK base.

Part of a global Hindu charitable organisation, the Anoopam Mission in the UK was established in 1978 and moved to Denham in 1981. The Mission is a registered UK Charity No. 274942, and is one of several branches of the Swaminarayan movement within Hinduism. The construction of a new Temple complex has begun and will continue as permitted on the site, to include the demolition of the existing buildings which were formerly a care home.

The crematorium project has been inspired by Sant Guruhari Sahebji. It will be a new addition to the Mission site, and be the first in the UK to cater specifically for the Hindu community. A report published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government found that the Hindu community currently faces disadvantage and discrimination. Significant compromises must be made to adapt existing facilities, which are designed around non Hindu funeral traditions.

The Proposal: The new crematorium will be designed around the sacred funeral rites or antyeshti – the last sanskara or rite of passage. The crematorium will provide a series of ceremonial spaces in which appropriate rituals as prescribed in the Hindu, Jain and Sikh traditions and scriptures, can be performed. Whilst the rites surrounding a traditional Hindu funeral in India would last for 12 days, and comprise numerous peaceful ceremonies in various locations, this facility will provide a location for a ceremony encapsulating the key elements. Please click to see our Facilities page for more details and view the video below for a walk around tour of the location and crematorium model – have your speakers on.

Donations: The AUM Crematorium is a community project for the community, and making it a reality can only happen with your help. Having overcome immense hurdles, this vision can only be delivered with a strength of purpose that comes with our identity as British Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. Let us together make this long-awaited vision a reality. Please click to see our Donations page for more details or if you wish to make a donation. Please contact us on if you have any further queries.

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